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Hi, I’m Arusha. I’m a creative designer with a passion for the whole UX spectrum. I’ve been working in this field for seven years, a mixture of freelance and contracting for the past three. The most recent projects I've been working on are a distance learning tool for Sussex University; a fintech/healthtech platform by Mercer for corporate employees; and prior to that a two year contract at American Express, working on a plethora of both US and international projects.

In my last permanent role, I was the lead designer on a deals platform for MoneySupermarket, which meant working with a whole host of leisure and retail brands, including Ford, Philips, L’Oréal and popular restaurant chains. As a freelance designer before this, I worked on a suite of photography training materials for Canon employees and a variety of digital and print media for pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Abbott. This ranged from an e-learning tool for kids, to a set of brochures to train pharmaceutical reps up on medical conditions.

I started out as a juinor developer and as a result, I really enjoy collaborating with front-end developers to get my designs implemented in the best way possible (and I still like to dabble in code now and again, safe in the knowledge I can hand it off to an expert afterwards!) I love getting involved with meet-ups for the local digital community and attend as many conferences as I can. In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction (last year I wrote a novel in a month as part of NaNoWriMo and hope to do the same again this year), impromptu karaoke, and my ongoing quest for the perfect rack of BBQ ribs.

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